About me


This is a repeat attempt at sobriety, my longest one lasted for 85 days in 2017 then I relapsed on Christmas eve and ever since have managed only a few days here and there – my drinking has returned to previous levels.

Last year I lost my younger brother rather suddenly to alcohol-related problems which made me look again at my own drinking although it has taken me just over twelve months to actually take the plunge to go AF again. I will at some stage write about my brother, there are things I feel I need to work my way through on that.

This time around going AF I feel differently about it – in 2017 i’d given up for Sober October then just carried on until Christmas, in January this year, 2020, I did dry January which I managed no problem but I hadn’t really committed to give up totally. Now I’m committing to give up permanently.

Who am I? Mother, grandmother, artist, photographer, writer. Normally based in northern Scotland but currently, and rather accidentally, sitting out the coronavirus pandemic in sunny Cyprus.

The goal isn’t to be sober, the goal is to love yourself so much that you don’t want to drink