Sober: Day 7

26th April 2020, Sunday

Up at 8am, feel well rested and no headache today. Still feeling a little nonplussed when I look in the mirror first thing in the morning and i’m looking quite “glowy” and healthy instead of red-eyed, pale and crappy – and that’s only after a week. I already know that whatever happens today I won’t drink because hey! i’ll have made it to one whole week.

Housework day, cleaned around OH’s winebox and wasn’t even a tiny bit tempted to open the tap and lie under it, sometimes in the past a wee drinky has oiled the wheels for doing the chores but no more of that! Not a bad day at all. Yay, one whole week AF, happy dancing!

Sober: Day 6

25th April 2020, Saturday

Woke around 8am, still got weird pain in head and neck, took a couple of paracetamol. Went for a walk – cool, breezy and a bit of rain here today. Headache went away but head still full of feathers and I still feel so tired. I asked the ladies on the 100 day challenge team that i’m on about it and whether it is normal in the first week and they said “absolutely!” Phew and thank you Panda’s People team you are lovely and i’m already proud to be a part of your team 🙂

Finished the Sober Diaries which was an excellent read and started on The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober. I feel it’s been doing me good to journal too. Bed at 9pm but read for a while until I was falling asleep.

Sober: Day 5

24th April 2020, Friday

A bad nights sleep – maybe too much coffee yesterday? Weird pain in my back on the lefthand side, just slept in an awkward position I think. Up at 9am, late for me. Feeling lazy but went for a walk – so many butterflies around, I was walking through the field and they were all around me, many different types. Wonderful!

GS2 a little better this morning thankfully but still not home. My stomach is definitely less bloated, I wasn’t imagining it and i’ve been drinking up to 1.5L of water a day so that should help with flushing any toxins out. Bit of a vague headache still and totally shattered by 7.30pm, so so tired, but toughed it out to 9.30pm, asleep within minutes.

Sober: Day 4

23rd April 2020, Thursday

I went to bed around 11pm last night and slept like a log. Feel good this morning. Reading The Sober Diaries now by Clare Pooley, Scary, I recognised so much of myself in Clare – heck we even each have ‘cockroach incidents’ in our past 😂

Surfed around on the Soberistas website, some very inspiring people on there! Went for walk, came back after getting halfway, stomach not feeling good. The afternoon and evening was spent feeling a bit irrationally irritated, anxious and stressed and as though my head is full of feathers. Doesn’t help that DD2 and GS2 are back in hospital as his jaundice has worsened. The worry would normally have me heading into a bottle but thankfully not today.

Sober: Day 3

22nd April 2020, Wednesday

Woke up feeling very cheerful and definitely less bloated in the tummy area – I didn’t eat any differently yesterday, even had cake with honey. Slight headache late morning but it soon wore off after heading out for a lovely walk. Spent quite a bit of time (as i’m in lockdown anyway) reading quit lit, todays choice is “I Need to Stop Drinking” by Liz Hemingway. It didn’t stop me looking longingly at OH’s glass of wine at dinner time when we ate our pasta, that’s as far as it went though, I didn’t have any really serious thoughts about inbibing.

Sober: Day 2

21st April 2020. Tuesday

Headache this morning, maybe i’m detoxing. Took paracetamol, went shopping on way back from the dentists and managed to totally avoid the booze aisle – the Amaretto was calling my name but I ignored it, I’ve got through 3 litres of that stuff in the last month. Not good. OH got his 5L wine box. I was OK until I sat down to eat dinner this evening and I would have liked a glass of wine but i’ve now decided to commit to 100 days, a nice round figure and now i’m feeling positive and motivated.

Sober: Day 1

20th April 2020, Monday

I don’t really feel any different today but there again I was drinking yesterday evening so it’s probably all still in my system. Before going to bed last night I decided now is the time to go AF – see my Day Zero post. Dinnertime today it was hard not to have a glass of wine as my OH is probably never likely to give up though he has no issue with me quitting. I’m reading quit lit, Sober in Seven by Andy Smith.

References to alcohol and how it apparently enhances your life are seemingly everywhere… Lies, it’s all lies you know…